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satallite screw up

…at least you’re not these guys?

No new “official” science article today, just saw this image, thought it was funny (maybe not so much for them), and felt compelled to share it. I’ve written a few case studies in the past (WAY in the past when I was still an engineering student) of some particularly spectacular engineering failures, and while this one scenario doesn’t really require a rocket scientist or great detective (looks like someone made a big rookie mistake and forgot to bolt down the satellite BEFORE turning it on it’s side), there are thousands of examples of “What Went Wrong” over the long and arduous history of engineering. 

In fact, I think that might become a regular piece here – “Spectacular Engineering Failures”, or “Oh Crap You Guys, We Messed Up…SO HARD” . Whether it’s a design flaw, a miscalculation, or my personal favorite: one team is uses…

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