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Anatomy Hidden

Hidden anatomy, anatomy hidden and suppressed anatomies are but a few of the headings that could be used for this blog. Then again none of these titles fully express something that is hidden yet so obvious. This blog reveals a hidden phenomenon that sits right out there in front of us: There is an old thought that when breakthroughs are made more phenomenon are exposed requiring further evaluation.

This blog is set for the thinker to decide for him/herself the validity of the following.

The first question one might ask is, ‘Where does one begin their search?’ The answer to this, is that our hidden anatomy can be found in a search of space itself and among radios, radar and television and in other so far unexposed areas.

One’s search lies with the application of simple logic to that which follows in this blog.

A Statement: Radio, Radar and Television are in part, physical and partly nonphysical.

Our investigation will be confined to radio only: The same also applies to Radar and Television and other like phenomenon.

For our investigation and as a demonstration; Place your hands up on their edges on a table: Your Right Hand represents a radio receiving device.

Your Left Hand represents the radio broadcasting equipment, including whatever is being employed to broadcast a message or music out from a broadcasting station.

You should now have a gap between both of your hands. This space is important. It indicates and represents the space between the broadcasting location and the receiving device.

It is here that you will find the nonphysical phenomenon or area, being referred to as a focal point in this blog and in my novel*2

Now mentally place yourself between the projecting broadcasting radio station and the receiving device.

From this location one cannot see, touch, smell measure or hear that which is being projected.

Of note, here we have that which one could label as nonphysical in nature. Here we have a location for your observation.

Of interest, one cannot evaluate anything in this area by employing the accepted classical scientific rules of observation, or without invented devices and other physical logicalities.

Precisely at the projecting and the receiving ends of this equation where your hands are placed, the uses of one’s senses and the classical physical laws associated with mass do apply: One can hear, see, touch, smell and measure the apparatus at both ends.

This contrasts vividly with the nonphysical phenomenon, located between the physical projecting and receiving devices where one can’t.

The space between your left hand and your right hand is the area where in the past philosophers’ and researchers’ *1, knowingly and unknowingly in one way or another have been researching in.

How is one to know, if he is observing or searching in a nonphysical space?

Your answer is simple: Ask oneself if the area of your current interest can be examined with your physical senses or if the classical rules for physical research can be fully applied?

If they can’t, then one has the probable location for the nonphysical portion of what could be called a Dichotomous Universe.

The Nonphysical as it Aligns with Man

For the most part mankind does not know what they are, what they believe, or why they believe they are.

All Beings have a nonphysical side to themselves: This applies to all living creatures.

For a beginning, Man’s Body and his Brain are obviously physical. I do not foresee anyone disagreeing with this.

You can, when questioning their location and existence, apply the accepted classical rules for research to them both, when it comes to the question of location: The exception being, ‘The Being’ and his Mind.

The Being and his Mind are something of a mystery? To a thinking person this invites questions.

Both the Being and his Mind appear to be attached to a physical body and they are generally assigned to be collective parts of a Brain: They are no more and no less nonphysical phenomenons.

The functioning Brain itself, as you will be shown, will appear to be more as an antenna for inward flows, such as those impressions received through,
one’s eyes, ears and all the other senses, such as feeling, smelling and tasting.

Simple logic dictates that attached to every observed or sensed phenomenon that somewhere, there must be a source from where the phenomenon was being introduced: This applies in a happening, whether it is physical or nonphysical.

If a person sees something which might be as outlandish as mental image pictures in a drug influenced, schizophrenic scenes, logic dictates to a thinking mind, that pictures are being moved out of sequence. One could say reality was being misrepresented, and/or something was being introduced from somewhere else or from another time: There may even be a truth being exposed.

Primary Summary: In the number one location is ‘The Being.’ The Being, is
viewing in picture form, all that has been collected through his eyes by his antennae, his brain.

The question to ask is: Which items are doing the collecting and who is doing the viewing?

It may appear that the Brain is doing the collecting and ‘The Being’ is doing the viewing.

In instances of illusions, dreams and created mockups of self created images it is the same: The Being is doing all the viewing.

The Being also does the evaluating in everything he experiences and

He is now in a position do something or do nothing.

The truth is; The Being has a strong interest in his pictures.

He views everything coming into him from the physical universe through his antennae as pictures and he stores them in his mind: Not in his brain cells. Cellular memory is another phenomenon and is more related to evolution, genetics and structure.

He also collects through his antennae what he feels, smells and tastes as well as that which he hears. All these, along with his pictures he stores in his Mind.

So, if The Being wishes to remember something, he mostly receives it as a fleeting picture. He only needs a glimpse and he knows….

In this blog one will understand two things, that The Being is not
a Mind and a Mind is not The Being. With this question is asked; ‘Who is doing the viewing?

Without doubt The Being is. So can a Being be a Mind? It appears probably not?

Problems with a Mind then have more to do with the pictures he stores, how they are arranged, how they are set up, their subtleties, influences and their mechanics.

In the Novel ‘The Emporium’*2 three differing, but alike illusions are described. I refer to Chapters, 15, 17, and 27. The illusions in these chapters in their various forms are common to man: And they have been recorded and written about in the past, many times: A surprising number of people have experiences with them.

They seemingly occur both artificially and naturally and there are many among mankind who have experienced the same. Because one is unable to physically research them, there is no reason to believe that they do not happen.

Times are changing and it may be noted here, that there was a time when we considered our world to be flat, and that is not the way it turned out to be: In these times we have an ongoing agreement that The Being and his Mind are parcelled together as a Brain.

For any uncertainty one may find in The Emporium*2 the phenomenon reveals occasion where a Being leaves his body for unestablished reasons. In various manners he seemingly floats up and out of his physical body and into an unrecognised nonphysical or Astral section of our universe.

There is nothing to run away from as the phenomenon has been around and reported on for many years. The physical sciences will tell you this does not happen. They are right only as far as the phenomenon is not physical: Further by their own physical man made rules the phenomenon did not happen.

What then if from time to time a nonphysical phenomenon continues as it does naturally and reveals itself again and again to The Being by drug application? The whole phenomenon remains unexplained? The rules associated with physical research explain nothing.

Even after asking yourself, how can this be possible? You may still prefer to describe like experiences as scientists are expected to do: However, among any phenomena man may experience, there has to be a source with its own beginning and an end.

Allied to this, it has already been indicated, that a simular phenomenon is being experienced after the imbibing of illicit drugs. Also, like phenomenons have been experienced during accidents, surgical operations and incidents involving inadvertent electrification and naturally.

One would be safe in saying, that the introduction of a foreign body, would be a cause in the phenomena, such as moving persons out of their bodies.

The reported fact is that The Being does move out and when he does, one may wonder on matters relative to his temporary outside location.

‘Where was his Brain?’ This may take some getting one’s head around.

For any person, who may still consider him/herself to be a Brain, ask yourself; ‘How was he able to experience such a phenomenon? How was he able to leave it behind? What are the mechanics of all this? What laws were involved in allowing him to do so?

One may carelessly describe such as an illusion? One normally carelessly uses throw away words to explain when he does not believe a phenomenon exists. He or she may use such words as thoughts in the direction of nothingness without examining why or how?

Before deciding if a Being and his Mind are a Brain we need to establish the mechanics, influences and sources of the phenomenon.

Here one may ask further questions when one experiences the severe shock of electrification.

Then the Being on finding himself located in a position exterior to his body; ‘Was he being ejected from his body by the force of the electrification or something else?’ What was it? Would there have been time for him to have imagined it? Can one envisage The Being having enough time to create it himself?

Is it possible for this phenomenon to be regarded as an illusion? In other words, something that didn’t happen? If so, without reference to physical laws, or whatever, was this possible?

During such experiences, be it with drugs, electrification or naturally, it is important to be aware, that by way of escape or whatever, The Being is relocating him or herself as a nonphysical phenomenon by moving out and away from his body into a little known section of our universe: Dictionaries refer to the area as Astral.

Astral is defined in one of my dictionaries as: Of a substance beyond perception of normal human senses: In other words the astral area is nonphysical.

All there is missing here, is a decent anatomy that covers everything that can be experienced in and out of the Physical Universe: This includes all that may be physical and nonphysical.

Note: Once so positioned, The Being finds himself in an exterior location and having that viewpoint.

Having a viewpoint of being out or near his body, one would take the view that he was sitting in his own native state. He would be nothing other than himself.

After investigating such phenomena, an interesting observation for an introspecting person, is that The Being has also taken his Mind with him.

Of interest, with Physical Laws it is so, then the same must apply to the Nonphysical. If he records the experience in his Mind as a memory, then his Mind must have accompanied him.

The thinker should now be asking; ‘How does one record an experience in a Brain when he is somewhere else?’

If a person experiencing such a happening, asks; ‘What on earth am I doing here?’ And then later when he is back in his body, he is able to recall all of his experience, as well as his thoughts, what then?

Where does his Brain fit into the actuality?

From the location of being, extended from his body; How and exactly where would he be able to store all he is viewing in his Brain? And while we are considering this, ask yourself exactly where was his Mind located? No one has ever explained this?

Without fear and in an investigative mood, The Being then makes a decision to move outwards and away from that which he is currently viewing, or if he moves back into his body for comfort or whatever, the same applies.

Of note, all through these happenings his experience is being stored in picture form in his Mind.

It is important to be aware that there is a separation between a Being and his Mind and a Brain. Three separate items.

For the most part mankind is not aware of what they are, or what they believe, or why they believe they are.


He is not a Brain. The Being, back in his body is viewing what he is seeing in picture form, all that is in front of his body.

You also now have a situation where The Being is capable of observing his surroundings as a nonphysical phenomenon: Interesting.

He is not a body and he has his own location for observation, enabling him, to view outwards both the nonphysical and the physical universes. He is potentially capable of evaluating both universes.

The Being and his Mind are nonphysical-phenomenon.

The Being and his Mind cannot be made testee to Peer-Review and to the accepted Classical Rules of Research: As phenomena they are both nonphysical.

Hitherto with the physical sciences, The Being, his Mind and his Brain have been loosely considered collectively to be a single physical unit.

Then why is it that not everyone experiences the phenomenon? Fear is the likely reason why many people cannot naturally experience the phenomenon of being extended from their bodies: Fear of losing one’s body: In more general terms, this may be extended into fear of dying.

Those persons, who have been fortunate enough, to experience this phenomenon, will tell you that the matter of losing one’s body does not happen.

The question one should ask, is why?

For the most part mankind does not know what they are, or what they believe, or why they believe they are.

The reason why the physical sciences have seemingly cornered the market, so to speak, is interesting. It may be that classical research as applied, reliably relate only to a physical environment. Perhaps it also may amount to having an incomplete anatomy for our universe.

Another factor may be, that from the moment of our arrival in the physical universe, our first concerns are in learning matters relating to surviving in the physical universe.

It follows that the next step would be in learning to breathe, followed by the taking of sustenance from a mother: Such experiences are strongly associated with identification with the physical universe.

From there on a child’s attention becomes habitude with the same. His attention is being courted by more and more familiarity with his surroundings and all it contains: All this is followed by education and further physical experience.

In myriad ways the physical universe has The Being thinking other that what he or she is.


Location: The number one position for viewing begins with the Being. Through his antennae and senses, he observes all he is able to at that time.

From this location he becomes nothing more than an observer of pictures and the same would apply to all animals.

His pictures as an experience arrive through his eyes and senses to his Brain and then separately they are automatically stored in his Mind: His Mind is a separate item, as is the viewer, The Being.

Cellular Memory

There is a phenomenon of interest that could be described as
‘Cell Related Memory.’ We are now looking at a different type of memory that has connections with body structure. This loosely, is a cell imbedded memory, relative to the formation, function and survival of cells.

Cellular Memory is physical and in part is nonphysical.

As one understands it, Cellular Memory has two parts, one to do with genetics and goes along with the view that man evolved from the sea and all the physical changes a human body has experienced, up until present time in surviving: The second with an actual cellular present time recall of, or an almost unconscious recall of a physical happening.

The latter in its demonstrative form, relates to the actions of cells after a repeat physical happening.

If one has in a former time experienced an injury to a certain position on his body and later encounters in present time a simular physical action, and this time without actual injury, the cells in the vicinity of the former injury may react: He also may feel a repeat of emotional hurt.

However, this may not be postulating that all memory originates from a physical source, as for an example cell(s) in a Brain.


Memory or recall of something he or she has previously experienced arrives in the form of pictures taken from his Mind.

‘The Being’ over time becomes skilled at what he is doing: The action happens in an instant. All that is needed is a fleeting glimpse of a picture of a former happening and he or she knows.

In the moment of the re experience, the picture arrives in a flash and just as quickly it is gone: There are occasions when the picture does not arrive and he indicates that he can’t remember or he has forgotten.

In all situations it is ‘The Being’ who is doing the viewing and the observing of his or her pictures.

Along with the recalling of an experience, he or she may also be re-experiencing emotions and sensations relative to the issue.

In the case of created mockups, daydreams, dreams and illusions, it’s the same. It is The Being who is doing the creating and the viewing. Having said this, it may be out of line to declare that he was creating everything.

Universal Truth is that all phenomena, whether they are physical or nonphysical, exist as a reality and each one of them has a source: Even in madness.

On a gradient The Being evaluates everything he or she experiences, both inwardly and outwardly: He is now in a position to do something, or do nothing.

In consideration to what he is doing ‘The Being’ has a strong interest in his pictures.

As with problems and solutions, it may be that faulty memory indicates The Being’s inability to perceive and evaluate correctly his or her pictures.

Here we postulate two things; A being is not a Mind and a Mind is not a Being: Ask oneself; ‘Who is viewing the pictures?’ Then answer that for oneself, and your answer must be, you are.

Now you have a Being. Secondly ask, ‘Who is responsible for recalling and reviewing an experience from a Mind?” When you answer this question, you have all the answers you need.

Therefore, it is axiomatic that a physical solution to a nonphysical problem is questionable.

It’s obvious that problems of a Mind have something to do with pictures and not with structure. The Mind is not a physical phenomenon and before finding a solution one would need to investigate how pictures relate to each other? Where they come from? How they are correctly or incorrectly set up? What their connections and subtleties may be? What their past experiences relative to time were? The effect of the influences connected with attached emotions and considerations? Also, their mechanics and influences on The Being’s perceived ability to survive in the Physical Universe.

Therefore, solutions to the problems of a Mind and to some connective physical impediments, would lie among old pictures, old decisions and their
emotional hindrances to function. One would be looking for, how those mental image pictures work for and against The Being.

For the most part mankind does not know what they are, or what they believe, or why they believe they are.


Intuition, is of interest. It is described in two instances in the dreams section of ‘The Book of Lists’*3.

As described in the Book of Lists*3 the arrival of an Intuitive Gift in the form of a technique, such as the dream as was received by William Blake presents a thinking person with something of a puzzle?

It may seem strange linking a dream with Intuition? With dreams and day dreams there is little difference except in the matter of time. There is no distinction between day and night. With them both, Intuition arrives unannounced and suddenly.

The dreams of William Blake and the dreams of others, including a Nobel Prize winner, open interesting avenues. It also gives in a speculative sense, clues as to where the phenomenon may have arrived from.

One has to ask if a formula presentation, as given in intuitive gifts, originate in a Mind, or do they arrive from somewhere else?

The question now is; Where did the intuitive phenomenon come from? And how did the Being collect it?

Man and his ultra ego tend to have him thinking he is the ultimate in intelligence. He acts at times as if he was an only one in that regard. Like everything else in this universe, he constitutes only one small portion of it.

Above him come the universal intelligence, and the laws that allow our universe to function and exist: It is in this area, difficult though it may seem, that one will eventually find answers to his questions in relation to Intuition.

It may be that gifted knowledge is being lifted out from a flow in the nonphysical portion of the universe itself: After all, we each and every one of us is part of a whole. We are not necessarily single units at the top on our own.

The Universe has its own Laws and many of these are obvious: Some are not.

These Laws and they are not all physical, allow our universe as a whole to function and that includes the many functions and activities of man. Obviously the universe has its own form of intelligence, which may not necessarily correlate with those men have already determined.

By way of intuition, when a formula is being gifted to a Being in the form of a picture, one has to wonder where the gift came from and how such come to be.

The question now is; Where are these intuitive gifts arriving from? More than likely they are being taken out of a nonphysical flow that belongs to the Universe as a whole.

If so, it would appear that more of the kind are being extracted from like sources than one would ever know.

Total Knowingness

Total Knowingness is not something that commonly enters into discussion. It nevertheless is a subject that is interesting.

Total Knowingness appears when a Being finds himself or herself operating in situations where the person experiencing the phenomenon finds them doing something they know little of, or nothing about.

It comes in circumstances where one holds mystery within himself on what they should do next.

When these persons later think, on what happened with them, they may wonder why, or how he or she became aware of how to handle a never before situations.

What happens is that he doesn’t have to remember anything? He just knows.

This then is Total Knowingness.

For Total Knowingness or knowingness, there has to be a source. The mechanics and genesis of this phenomenon are worth exploring.

Eventually someone may decide that the origin of Total Knowingness, follows as it appears for intuition.


Consider this; When a Being dies and we are left with a body; and we ask, What now is missing?

One’s answer to this could be Life.

Along with all this, one would have to consider whether he or she who had previously been observing and evaluating pictures was still there?

The answer is obviously not.

And what about his Mind? If his Brain is a Mind then one should be able, as he was vacating his body, to extract all the stored content of a Mind, from remnant brain cells, around the moments of the person’s demise: Perhaps even afterwards.

If this cannot be done, it would be enough to consider that a Mind has disappeared along with the nonphysical body.

On demise, his body and all its supposed parts are still there: If some cells are still active, then certain speculation supporting that a Brain is a Mind, may be proven or not proven: To go with the same the whole content of a brain would necessarily need be uplifted.

For the most part mankind does not know what they are, or what they believe, or why they believe they are.

Surely there is room for a more complete anatomy covering everything in the universe we live in.

A complete anatomy should cover everything and be inclusive of both the physical and nonphysical sides of the equation

Copyright Jan 2010
Updated Jan 2013
Robert Linn
All Rights Reserved


End Notes

*1. Researchers: Here we refer to persons, like Tesla and others who have valiantly researched nonphysical and partly physical phenomenon. Some of these researchers have been ostracised for doing so,

*2 “The Emporium.” The Novel by Robert Linn can be purchased through Author House, Amazon and other Internet book houses. The Reference is to Chapters 15, 17 and 27 in this work.

“The Book of Lists.” By David Wallechinsky and Irving and Amy Wallace and published by Lb Books and Amazon. The reference is to items in a section of this book entitled; ‘People who put their Dreams to Work.’ Page 222, and perhaps the whole section of this chapter is worth thought and careful perusal.


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