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Hey Ho! the God Particle has just been found?
Who is kidding who?
There never has been an anatomy for this universe.
The assumption is that all is physical.
How can there be a God particle when part of this universe is non physical?
For example space is nonphysical where radio waves of all kind pass through it .
Are there particles in this area – space itself? I think not.
There are also other phenomena in the area that are not physical.
See my blog. Robert Linn.

gratuitous jewess

This made me laugh out loud, in the middle of the end of a birthday dinner at Spur. It is from Richard Rhodes’ The Making of the Atom Bomb, in which [physicist] Segré talks about a colleague of his…

“You know, occasionally Fermi [Italian physicist] would tell you things, and then you asked him, ‘But really, how? Show me.” And then he would say, ‘Oh, well, I know this on c.i.f.‘ He spoke Italian. ‘C.i.f. meant ‘con intuito formidable’, ‘with formidable intuition.’ […]”

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