Life, The Universe, and Everything!

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Are you aware that the scientific community do not have an Anatomy for the Universe we live in?
Strange………… They have the same for almost everything else?


So, those who know me, or have read anything I have written, know I can over explain things and get off subject. This is only because simple is much more complicated then it looks and total understanding sometimes demands extra explanation. And since in this blog (as the title says) I plan to explore EVERYTHING, side-blogs will be needed.

So, if I feel a subject is just to big and needs more time I will start a “side-blog”.  And that blog will continue on it’s own untill I, or  we beat it to death. I say “we” because comments and discussion will be a very important part of these blogs.

The time has come to enter a new age! It is time to move on from what some call, the age of information.  The internet (world wide web) has played a big part in this age and  also can help…

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