Missing Anatomy for the Physical Universe

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The physical sciences and others tend to portray  this universe is being physical. 

For instance the Big Bang is viewed as being only a physical happening, when in truth this is not so. 

There is word the describes an agreed item called space: Inner space/outer space, obviously nonphysical.

In the physical universe there are other phenomena which are nonphysical and to the best of my knowledge they have never been recorded as such.

We live in a dichotomous or two part universe along with male/female positive/negative etc.

One cannot have just a physical set up in relation to it’s anatomy without it’s opposite.

 I am doing my best to portray.just this: Some may not like it.  

Much of the phenomenon in this work may be thought of by some, as being illusion like in nature: Regardless mankind has been experiencing the kind for some time: Such should also be inclusive in any any anatomical set up for this universe.   Robert Linn.

This work has not be written with any religious intent. Nor is religion  aligned with this work. You will note that I have not used the word spiritual as to me the word spirit  is much entangled with belief. 


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