Mental Research

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Why is it that mental research and the like are confined only to a Brain when Beings basically make pictures of all they see out there in front of them? Why are they not searching among mental image pictures to solve the problems of a Mind? Why does there have to be a physical solution to a non physical problem? 

Why search into a brain for the answers as like into the engine of a motor car? What if the pictures of a being become mixed up or time confused? Example: Boy of eight years of age has a row with sisters of like generation. As a result of the happening the boy makes a strong verbal  defining declaration about girls: From this he walks away. All of this is stored in his Mind and from time to time without direct recall, is used later. 

Time passes and the boy is now eighteen years of a age and he is having trouble with women. Without being aware of it, he is again acting off the decision he made when he was eight years of age.  Instead of sorting the issue out he walks away angrily. Is that not the same reaction all over again? Note that the time is different.

What does digging into a brain, giving medication or administering convulsive therapy have to do with finding a solution to the above?

Granted, that when one goes researching the human Mind one walks into a minfield.

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