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Hidden Anatomy

Anatomy Hidden Hidden anatomy, anatomy hidden and suppressed anatomies are but a few of the headings that could be used for this blog. Then again none of these titles fully express something that is hidden yet so obvious. This blog reveals a hidden phenomenon that sits out there in front of us: There is an […]

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…at least you’re not these guys? No new “official” science article today, just saw this image, thought it was funny (maybe not so much for them), and felt compelled to share it. I’ve written a few case studies in the past (WAY in the past when I was still…

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JESUS PODEROSO GUERRERO: Charles Spurgeon – Cristo Recibe a los Pecadores.


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This made me laugh out loud, in the middle of the end of a birthday dinner at Spur. It is from Richard Rhodes’ The Making of the Atom Bomb, in which [physicist] Segré talks about a colleague of his… “You know, occasionally Fermi [Italian physicist] would tell you things, and then…

Life, The Universe, and Everything!

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So, those who know me, or have read anything I have written, know I can over explain things and get off subject. This is only because simple is much more complicated then it looks and total understanding sometimes demands extra explanation. And since in this blog (as the title says) I…

Connecting with Spirit

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As a medium, there is nothing more rewarding than connecting with spirit and delivering messages from ‘the other side.’ Spirit doesn’t wait for a medium to be in place in order to make itself known though. We all are able to connect and experience our own messages from our loved…

Mental Research

Why is it that mental research and the like are confined only to a Brain when Beings basically make pictures of all they see out there in front of them? Why are they not searching among mental image pictures to solve the problems of a Mind? Why does there have to be a physical solution […]

Missing Anatomy for the Physical Universe

The physical sciences and others tend to portray  this universe is being physical.  For instance the Big Bang is viewed as being only a physical happening, when in truth this is not so.  There is word the describes an agreed item called space: Inner space/outer space, obviously nonphysical. In the physical universe there are other phenomena which […]