The Emporium

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A humorous joyride into the Non Physical Universe. The Emporium is a work that will leave you wondering, that what you may experiencing in life may not be what you think it is. Time has come to call in the experts: But Hey! there arn’t any? There are many who think they are, and among them there are some who have letters behind their names: All they have is a belief that eminates mostly from the postulated positions agreed opon by their peers, relative to connections with their culture. Strangely we call this truth. The only judges of truth or reality in this, are you the readers: Do not allow authority change your mind, relative to an opinion. The only judge is you and what you observe and consider to be true. At the same time bear in mind that tomorrow you may be thinking differently. RL.

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  1. robertlinn31

    Welcome: Man in a sense, no longer seeks truth. It is he himself who creates the set-up within himself in the act of creating truth. My novel The Emporium shows the way in finding new truths.

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